The Call of Duty community think that the next installment will be Black Ops 6 after screenshots have been leaked online.

Naturally SBMMOFF will work for Black Ops 6 as it does with every current Call Of Duty PC title.

New Call of Duty screenshots have been leaked on the internet that, amongst other things, appear to show that Black Ops 6 will be the next game release for the iconic FPS series.

These screenshots were reported to be extracted from a recent Warzone Mobile update by the Twitter handle RealiityUK. These screenshots are currently viewable on Reset Era, and appear to be a mix of screenshots from a new game in development at Black Ops developer Treyarch.

You can view menu loading screens for upcoming Call of Duty projects, the main two images that got everyone in the community talking are labeled “Stealth” and “Pillage” – which seem to be from the upcoming Call of Duty game due for release around November in 2024.

Although as of yet no details about the next installment have been officially released, some people in the community now think that it will take place in a setting during the famous Gulf War – another game in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War series.

Potentially, this would mean Call of Duty’s next game due for release in 2024 would be Black Ops 6.

It’s obvious to see why the COD community would come to this conclusion. The screenshots show the real-life F-117 Nighthawk stealth jet, which was first utilized by the U.S. military in the 1980s and became associated with the Gulf War in the 90’s.

If predictions are correct, then we will no doubt see a continuation of Cold War’s story, but with nothing official having been discussed on the subject, it just remains speculation for now. But the copyright claims and account suspension of the leaker’s shows we may be on to something here after all.

The release schedule of previous Call of Duty games might also give us some clues about when the 2024 release will be. The modern COD era started in 2019 with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – an updated version of the fan classic Modern Warfare. This was then followed up in 2020 by Black Ops Cold War, with the world war 2 game Call of Duty: Vanguard in 2021.

The release schedule suggests that the Black Ops 6 sequel may be released in October / November 2024.

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Example of Peekers advantage in call of duty from two different point of views (the Peeker is on right)

What is Peekers Advantage?

Peekers advantage has always been a rather interesting subject to me. I always wondered how someone with such a high ping in game manages to beat me on such a regular basis.

For those of you cod players who don’t know, Peekers Advantage is something that has been around in multiplayer video games for a long time now. The term specifically refers to one person “peeking” another person in games like cod, where the “peeker” can see the other person for much longer than the person who’s sitting still.

Obviously, this small split-second advantage might seem not worth mentioning, but for any skilled players, it converts into a consistent win for them in every fight. Even for more casual players, this effect can give them an edge on lower skilled players, giving them more wins in a gunfight than normal.

Credit: LucidChart — Example of how data moves from peeker to call of duty server to user

Credit: – Video about peekers advantage in Call Of Duty games

Why does it happen?

For most cod players, they might not even realize that this is an issue that is mostly out of the hands of the developers. The problem lies with how the internet works, and there’s nothing we can do to completely fix that. In many FPS multiplayer games like the call of duty games, we rely on sending and receiving the player information of what we are doing (and what our opponents are doing) to the server and back. Because of how far apart players are, there is an inevitable lag that take place between our opponents sending the information to the server, the server processing that information, and then sending it back to us. This proess takes time, even if it is just in milliseconds, and all that adds up to giving the peeker the advantage in the gunfight.

To summon it up, due to the travel time of the data over the internet between the players and the server, it gives the player who is “peeking” the advantage as they have more time to react as they see the other player before their game client even registers the peekers movement.

Credit: Ubisoft — Graphic example of how Peekers advantage works

Another example of Peekers Advantage works

How can i use peekers advantage?

There’s not much that developers can do to combat this problem in its pure form, however, there are plenty of issues that are server-related that compound this issue.

In order to utilize peekers advantage and test any benefits of this phenomenon, many call of duty players use applications such as the sbmmoff call of duty geo fence to locate their call of duty games further away thus creating a higher ping in game thus being able to benefit from peekers advantage in call of duty games such as warzone, mw3 and black ops 6.

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In this article we will discuss how to install our call of duty VPN and Geo Fence software on your PC.

Once you have purchased your copy of our VPN and Geo Fence software you will instantly be able to login and download the software.

You will also receive an email containing your login information and download links (please note some email providers may put our email in your spam folder, so it’s worth checking in there if you don’t receive it).

Please make sure that the Windows account you are using has admin rights or that you can run the file as admin if needed.

After downloading your copy of the VPN software you will need to click on the MSI installer file located within the ZIP file that you previously downloaded which you can open by double clicking on the ZIP file.

Below we have included a screenshot of the MSI file so you know exactly which file to click on to begin your installation.

Click on the “Setup- Get started.msi” file..

Then when you see the window below click “Next”..

Then click “Next” again…

Do NOT change the default installation folder and then click “Next” again…

Then click “Next” again…

Then click “Close”.

Now navigate to your desktop on your PC and you will see that the SBMMOFF Call Of Duty VPN & Geo Fence has now be installed and you will be able to launch the software by clicking on the icon on your desktop as shown below.

You should now see a pop up window asking you to install our “tap windows driver” which is an openvpn network driver that the software needs to function.

To see how to install the tap driver with images scroll down a little otherwise ignore this step for now.

Now you will be asked to enter your login information which was displayed after you purchased the software and sent to you via email.

Once you have logged in you must update the server list using the check box on the main window of the VPN as shown below in the image.

After updating the server list you will now have all of the latest and greatest VPN servers available for you to connect to.

(Please note you only need to update the server list about once a month in order to check for new VPN server updates)

How to install the windows tap driver?

During the installation process you should be asked to install the windows tap driver which is required in order for the VPN to function.

If for any reason you are not asked to install the tap driver automatically then you can proceed to install it manually by clicking the settings button on the VPN and then clicking the “Install new tap driver” checkbox on that page as shown below.

Once you start to install the tap driver you will be guided through the installation process as shown below.

Click Next..

Click “I agree”..

Next make sure all options are ticked as shown below, and then click Next..

Next click “Install”..

Then click “Next”..

The installation will now have completed and you can click on the “Finish” button as shown in the image below.

As long as you updated the server list on the SBMMOFF VPN client as instructed and installed the tap driver the VPN will now be ready to go!

How To Setup The Geo Fence For Warzone & Call Of Duty?

Both the VPN and Geo Fence can be used on their own or combined together, however if you wish to only use the VPN function then you can skip the step below.

If you do however wish to use the built in Warzone & Call Of Duty Geo Fence to play in other regions, then you will be required to select your games EXE in the Geo Fence tab of the software as shown below.

If you are from Asia, Middle East or Australia & New Zealand the Geo Fence will not work for you ( the VPN will though ) due to your geographical location being too far away from the majority of the games servers.

The Geo Fence is for use for users from the USA and Europe.

When searching for your “cod.exe” some systems may not display the .exe file name and as such you may only see “cod” in which case you should select that instead.

You must select your games exe location in the Geo Fence tab built into the vpn, the usual game exe locations are as follows:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty HQ\cod.exe


C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty\_retail_\cod.exe

If you can not find the exe file then you should google “Common file name extensions in Windows” and enable that feature in windows.

Once that feature has been enabled you should be able to see .exe file extensions and locate the cod.exe file.

Once the location is saved you should then start Battlenet or Steam, then select a country to connect to on the Geo Fence.

The geo fence allows you to control where your games are played which allows you to have more control over your lobbies, obviously the further the country is from your location the higher the ping will be.

To use the Geo Fence you should select a country on the Geo Fence tab as shown in the image below then start your game.

Using the Geo Fence ensures that 100% of your games are played only in the location you decide, giving you much more control over your lobbies.

Please note:

Windows firewall must be ON and NOT controlled by a third party such as Nortons, Avast or McAfee or any other app as they interfere with your firewall settings and the Geo Fence.

Your Windows firewall must be switched on at all times for the Geo Fence feature to work properly.

By default when you install Windows the firewall is on so unless you have turned it off, you don’t really need to bother checking.

You can check if your Windows firewall is on by typing in “Windows defender firewall” in your PC search bar.

You will then see the Windows firewall settings as shown in the image below.

If however you have a third party software managing your Windows firewall like Nortons, Avast or Mcafee then you will likely instead be presented with a message stating that the third party software is managing your firewall settings as shown in the image below:

If you see a message such as the one shown in the image above high lighted in red, then you should first try to disable it managing your firewall settings inside the settings panel of the vendor application and then restart your PC.

If that does not remove the message highlighted in red, then you will need to uninstall the vendor application to use the Geo Fence.

If your firewall is simply switched off on the other hand, you can click the “switch Windows defender firewall on or off” button where you will be able to configure the firewall adding the settings shown in the image below.

Finally click the “OK” button.

Your firewall should now be configured to work properly with our VPN & Geo Fence software.

If you ever have issues with the Geo Fence it’s always a good idea to reset your Windows firewall to default as this usually solves most issues one may encounter when Geo Fencing.

It’s very simple to get started and takes about one minute to get set up and running when using the VPN and Geo Fence.

If you need more in depth support, you can join our huge Discord community, or click the help button built into the vpn itself as many common questions are answered on the help page.

Alternatively you can Email us for assistance and we will be more than happy to help get you setup.

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The new map appears to be a420-themed parkour map!

Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s last update appeared, dataminer’s seem to have unearthed details of a new map called Get High (filename G3T_H1GH) that’s likely going to be utilized for some kind of 4/20 themed event. This map is reported to be a vaporwave-inspired parkour style race course, where players will need to get as high as possible—in the elevation sense, naturally!.

Modern Warfare 3’s has multiple current references to 4/20, including two new Snoop Dogg operator skins, New Cheech and Chong joining the franchise complete with a weed-themed finishing move, and a cool new DLC bundle named the ‘Stoney Sloth’.

Gamers can expect to get access to a reworked map called Grow house, additionally leakers have shown us the more unusual ‘highly’ anticipated Get High map, which is reported to be released some time around this April 20th. The dataminer BobNetworkUK posted a recent video clip of the vaporwave-styled obstacle style course map, where it appears to show that players will have to race each other to reach the highest point possible within the given time limit. Some of the routes around the map have multiple obstructions, and there are also shootable targets scattered all around the map, though it’s currently unclear what other secrets this map may hold.

This new parkour-style map looks challenging and fun, with the leaker sadly only making it two thirds of the way through the map before his time runs out. Bob the leaker later posted another video on Twitter showing the end zone of the map, with the final checkpoint triggering a note that seems to show “you’ve gotten high.”

The new Get High map hasn’t been officially released as of yet, however it will likely release sometime before 4/20. For more on what’s new in the latest Season 3 update, you can view the full patch notes for the latest update.

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With the latest rebirth island release date confirmed to be dropping on April the 3rd, Call Of Duty fans will be able to experience the fan favorite map “rebirth island”.

Don’t be fooled by the beloved map’s compact size – with its smaller map size comes the promise of rapid fire fun and intense movement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced visitor to Rebirth Island or a first time player, there’s plenty of new game play updates and challenges to be had for this Call of Duty: Warzone edition of Rebirth Island.

The sbmmoff vpn confuses the skill based match making system by making the game think you are from a far away destination.

This results in the game putting your into a more connection based game rather than purely skill based, this results in better lobbies and more variance in your lobbies.

You also have access to our built in Geo fence tool which will allow you to 100% play in the locations you select, giving you more control over your gaming session.

To get ready for this update we have updated most of our dedicated vpn servers with new ip addresses, this will ensure you have fresh servers to play on.

To make sure that you have the best experience please update your server list after the update is live and restart your PC.

If you are not already a customer then don’t forget to Grab your copy today for a one time payment of only $49.99

If you use code “BLOG” at checkout we will give you a $5 discount on your purchase to celebrate the return of Call of Duty: Warzone Rebirth Island

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