Sbmmoff Warzone VPN & Geo Fence

How does it work?

Using the sbmmoff warzone 1/2/3 VPN, connect to over 100 of the best vpn locations for the ultimate easy lobbies.

Sbmmoff isn't a traditional VPN like nord vpn, Sbmmoff is a COD VPN gaming swiss army knife designed for the Call Of Duty community.

Sbmmoff confuses the skill based match making system by routing only your match making data over our global VPN servers.

By doing this the game assumes you will have a high ping as it doesnt know we are only routing the match making data and thus this is how you are thrown into the closest lobby possible as fast as possible when using only the vpn.

Using the VPN you play on local servers but get thrown into a more connection based lobby instead of purely skill based match making orientated lobby.

The built in Geo Fence allows you even more control over your lobbies as it enables you to put a virtual "fence" around a certain country and play 100% only in lobbies located in your desired country or location.

To get started you just load up the SBMMOFF VPN select where you want to play and the software will take care of connecting you to your desired location.

By also utilizing our optional built in geo fence software we offer all players the ability to play where they want and when they want..

Our software is updated daily to make sure that we connect you to only the best servers in the best countries.

This product is NOT working with xbox or playstation and is intended for use by PC PLAYERS ONLY (although people on console can join your lobby if you host the lobby of course).

You can connect to and play, all of the latest call of duty PC titles including Warzone & MW3 in the following countries using the Geo Fence:

USA, West Coast, East Coast, Texas, EUROPE, UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands

You will also get access to 100 vpn locations from around the world included for use with our sbmmoff easy lobby vpn which is included with your gold membership plan.

COD VPN Locations (50 open servers & 50 strict servers)

argentina warzone vpn server Argentina australia warzone vpn server Australia azerbaijan warzone vpn server Azerbaijan
brazil warzone vpn server Brazil bulgaria warzone vpn server Bulgaria cambodia warzone vpn server Cambodia
canada warzone vpn server Canada chile warzone vpn server Chile columbia warzone vpn server Colombia
costa rica warzone vpn server Costa Rica cyprus warzone vpn server Cyprus dubai warzone vpn server Dubai
ecuador warzone vpn server Ecuador guatemala warzone vpn server Guatemala finland warzone vpn server Finland
germany warzone vpn server Germany hong kong warzone vpn server Hong Kong hungary warzone vpn server Hungary
india warzone vpn server India isle of man warzone vpn server Isle Of Man israel warzone vpn server Israel
italy warzone vpn server Italy japan warzone vpn server Japan kazakhstan warzone vpn server Kazakhstan
kenya warzone vpn server KENYA kyrgyzstan warzone vpn server Kyrgyzstan latvia warzone vpn server Latvia
lithuania warzone vpn server Lithuania macedonia warzone vpn server Macedonia mexico warzone vpn server Mexico
moldova warzone vpn server Moldova nepal warzone vpn server Nepal nigeria warzone vpn server Nigeria
oman warzone vpn server Oman pakistan warzone vpn server Pakistan philippines warzone vpn server Philippines
portugal warzone vpn server Portugal puerto rico warzone vpn server Puerto Rico romania warzone vpn server Romania
russia warzone vpn server Russia serbia warzone vpn server Serbia singapore warzone vpn server Singapore
south africa warzone vpn server South Africa spain warzone vpn server Spain switzerland warzone vpn server Switzerland
taiwan warzone vpn server Taiwan thailand warzone vpn server Thailand ukraine warzone vpn server Ukraine
texas vpn warzone USA-Texas vietnam warzone vpn server Vietnam

The sbmmoff vpn + geo fence works for the following gaming titles -

  • Call of Duty: Warzone (2020)
  • Call of Duty: Warzone 2 (2022)
  • Call of Duty: Warzone 3 (2023)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War (2020)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 (2024)
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard (2021)
  • The finals (2023)

Sbmmoff is the world's only VPN and Geo Fence 100% dedicated to Call Of Duty gamers, Full of features you won't find with any other Warzone VPN including special "strict" VPN servers.

Many gamers and top streamers use our geo fence software to obtain the best ping possible or to play their games in which ever country they wish for various reasons including searching for better lobbies.

Our tools are 100% safe and allowed for use in call of duty games and our software is widely known as the best vpn for warzone and other call of duty titles..

Activision allows it's users to use a VPN whilst playing Call Of Duty titles such as warzone and warzone 2 and many others.

All future Call of Duty PC titles including the upcoming Black Ops 6 will be supported free of charge and you get free updates to the VPN for life.

You can watch a setup guide on youtube in the video below:

Do top streamers use a VPN?

A message from a star of the tv show Shark Tank: Kevin O'leary

The sbmmoff warzone vpn & geo fence creates a geo fence around your game connections allowing you to bypass skill based match making and connect to the servers that YOU want including ranked servers.

Our software utilizes the latest ping optimization technology to ensure that you get the best ping possible with 0% packet loss.

The only 100% working call of duty vpn with low ping easy lobby servers!

  • Tired of paying another vpn company expensive monthly subscriptions with hardly any vpn servers?
  • Tired of playing with skill based match making?
  • Tired of playing in sweaty lobbies?
  • Are you looking for the best lobbies?

Join the best streamers and thousands of every day gamers right now and instantly use our lifetime call of duty warzone vpn to help you play where you want and get the best lobby possible!

The world's only vpn with strict nat servers!

Access the latest tools to ease the pain of skill based match making!

(100 vpn locations in total) 50 open servers & 50 strict servers!

VPN software updated free of charge for life!

Example image of the latest version:

Sbmmoff Warzone VPN & Geo Fence COD VPN Screenshot

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Our vpn is the most popular call of duty vpn used by top streamers and every day gamers to get into better lobbies and we are the first service to offer strict VPN servers in the enitre world.

VPN usage is allowed by Activision and many top streamers and every day gamers use our VPN to get into the best Lobbies.

Purchase a Gold membership for the Geo fence and also get liftime access to our new and updated sbmmoff COD VPN with 100 vpn locations to play on included in the price.

You will also get totally free bonus lifetime access to the built in tweaker app allowing you to apply various optional tweaks to your computer system to increase it's performance!

With our pay once never pay again, Gold life time membership you can connect to ALL of the nine countries on the geo fence tab plus you can connect to an additional 100 VPN servers by using our included CALL OF DUTY VPN.

A total of over 100 vpn locations to play on! (50 open servers & 50 strict servers) all LOW PING servers.

If you are really looking to get the best possible call of duty lobbies, then using our world famous skill based match making beating call of duty VPN will give you the best results.

You will get an email containing your download link, discord server invite and login information as soon as your purchase is completed.

Virus scan results:

Sbmmoff Warzone VPN Scan

Latest version updated: June 11th 2024

( Zimbabwe, Philippines, Nepal, Israel, Pakistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Oman, Myanmar, Ecuador, Cambodia, Costa Rica VPN servers added! )

You will also get access to our special invite only discord community with over 22,000 active members.

Share your results, discuss strategies and find the best vpn servers!


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