Call Of Duty - Peekers Advantage


Example of Peekers advantage in call of duty from two different point of views (the Peeker is on right)

What is Peekers Advantage?

Peekers advantage has always been a rather interesting subject to me. I always wondered how someone with such a high ping in game manages to beat me on such a regular basis.

For those of you cod players who don’t know, Peekers Advantage is something that has been around in multiplayer video games for a long time now. The term specifically refers to one person “peeking” another person in games like cod, where the “peeker” can see the other person for much longer than the person who’s sitting still.

Obviously, this small split-second advantage might seem not worth mentioning, but for any skilled players, it converts into a consistent win for them in every fight. Even for more casual players, this effect can give them an edge on lower skilled players, giving them more wins in a gunfight than normal.

Credit: LucidChart — Example of how data moves from peeker to call of duty server to user

Credit: – Video about peekers advantage in Call Of Duty games

Why does it happen?

For most cod players, they might not even realize that this is an issue that is mostly out of the hands of the developers. The problem lies with how the internet works, and there’s nothing we can do to completely fix that. In many FPS multiplayer games like the call of duty games, we rely on sending and receiving the player information of what we are doing (and what our opponents are doing) to the server and back. Because of how far apart players are, there is an inevitable lag that take place between our opponents sending the information to the server, the server processing that information, and then sending it back to us. This proess takes time, even if it is just in milliseconds, and all that adds up to giving the peeker the advantage in the gunfight.

To summon it up, due to the travel time of the data over the internet between the players and the server, it gives the player who is “peeking” the advantage as they have more time to react as they see the other player before their game client even registers the peekers movement.

Credit: Ubisoft — Graphic example of how Peekers advantage works

Another example of Peekers Advantage works

How can i use peekers advantage?

There’s not much that developers can do to combat this problem in its pure form, however, there are plenty of issues that are server-related that compound this issue.

In order to utilize peekers advantage and test any benefits of this phenomenon, many call of duty players use applications such as the sbmmoff call of duty geo fence to locate their call of duty games further away thus creating a higher ping in game thus being able to benefit from peekers advantage in call of duty games such as warzone, mw3 and black ops 6.

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