Warzone pros use a VPN for one of two main reasons or a combination of the both.

VPN software such as the Sbmmoff VPN forces players into a connection orientated game instead of a purely skilled based match making game.
This type of Warzone VPN routes only the match making portion of your games traffic over the VPN tunnel (connection).

By only routing this specific part of the traffic over the VPN tunnel, your actual game packets remain totally untouched and pass over your internet connection as if there were no VPN envolved anywhere along the process.

This method allows Warzone Pros and other like minded gamers to be able to connect to a whole range of countries around the world whilst keeping a super low ping.

Having a very low and stable ping is a key part of gaining an extra edge and this method allows warzone pros to make sure that they are getting a low ping game at all times.

Another reason that Warzone Pros like to use VPN software such as the Sbmmoff Warzone VPN is in order to get into easier lobbies.
Skill based match making uses a whole range of data including your geo location displayed in your network settings in game and the perceived distance you are located from the physical location of the Warzone / Call Of Duty server that you are playing on.

In conjunction with this data various other data sets such as your average kill to death ratio and that of other members in your party are taken into consideration.

By using a VPN such as the Sbmmoff Warzone VPN you are able to make the game assume that you are infact playing from a destination located a very far distance from the server you are playing on and this forces the skill based match making system to put you into a game as quick as possible due to this factor.

Sbmmoff VPN:
Warzone VPN Image

This can result in getting into easier lobbies and is a tried and tested side effect of using special Warzone VPN software like the Sbmmoff VPN which is specifically designed for Call Of Duty Games such as Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

So in short, Warzone Pros use a VPN to get the best ping possible in game or / and to get into easier lobbies and play in more of a connection based lobby rather than a purely skill based match making lobby.

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So you are already probably aware how a traditional VPN works, however for those that are not aware we will now explain how a VPN works and how Sbmmoff VPN differs from traditional Vpn software.

What is a tradional vpn and how does a vpn work in call of duty?

Traditional vpn software changes your IP address and you may find multiple cod players all using the same IP address when using a traditional vpn.

Sharing an IP address is never a good idea, hackers could be utilizing the same IP address and this could cuase you problems further down the line.

Traditional vpn software routes ALL of your internet traffic over the vpn providors servers.

This is why when using a tradional vpn you can get a high ping since every single piece of data flowing over the internet is passed through your vpn providors servers.

The further away the vpn providors server is from your physical location the higher your ping will be, this is why using a tradional vpn for gaming in call of duty is not opitimal since ping is king as they say!

What is sbmmoff vpn and how does it work in call of duty?

best call of duty vpn

The Sbmmoff vpn works in an entirely different way to a traditional vpn.

The Sbmmoff vpn only passes the match making data from your game over to our vpn servers, your actual game data packets and all of your other internet traffic is untouched.

By only routing the match making portion of your traffic over our vpn servers, we enable you to keep a super low ping no matter the vpn server you select or how far away from you it may be.

By confusing the game into thinking you are from a far away destination, or a destination with low kd players the game will often put you into a lobby as quickly as possible as it assumes you are playing with a higher ping than normal when in fact you are not.

For safety and security, unlike a traditional vpn, the sbmmoff vpn does not change your IP and you will never ever share the IP address of any of our vpn servers or our other users.

This extra security feature keeps you safe by making sure that you allways use your own IP address when playing in game.

There are many additional features including a geo fence built into the sbmmoff vpn that truely set sbmmoff apart from any other vpn available on the market.

call of duty best dns

If you are a true call of duty warzone fan, using our vpn and geo fence software is a must as it gives you total control over where you play and enables you to dial down the sweat a notch and start enjoying your game once more..

Download the sbmmoff VPN and Geo fence NOW



We are going to show you how to setup the warzone geofence software on your PC.

What is a Geofence?

A geofence is a virtual fence or perimeter around a physical location. Like a real fence, a geofence creates a separation between that location and the area around it.

In terms of a Geofence for gaming what it does is placed a virtual fence around the location that you choose.

This enables you to play games ONLY within the geofenced area, thus allowing you to control where you play your games and on what countries servers the games will be played on.

Using a geofence can be very useful when looking for bot lobbies or trying to get the best possible ping.

The sbmmoff vpn has a built in geofence located in the settings tab of the vpn.

Example of the built in geofence tab:

YOU MUST be the host of the lobby when using the geo fence in order for it to work, you can invite your friends to YOUR lobby, but YOU must be the host of the lobby. Using the geo fence will result in much longer wait times than normal and as such this feature is only advised to be used by experienced gamers. When using the geo fence you should NEVER click the play again button in modes that have this feature enabled, always search for a fresh lobby from the main menu.

How do i set up the geo fence?

As you can see in the image above which we have highlighted, you need to select the location of the games exe file.

You must select your games exe location in the geo fence tab built into the vpn, the usual game exe locations are as follows: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty HQ\cod.exe or C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty\_retail_\cod.exe If you can not find the exe file then you should google “Common file name extensions in Windows” and enable that feature in windows. Once that feature has been enabled you should be able to see .exe file extensions and locate the cod.exe file. Once the location is saved you should then start battlenet or steam, then select a country to connect to on the geo fence. The geo fence allows you to control where your games are played, obviously the further the country is from your location the higher the ping will be. Remember you should always start battlenet or steam before applying the geo fence. Windows firewall must be ON and not controlled by a third party such as Nortons or McAfee. If you are from Asia, Middle East or Australia & New Zealand the geo fence will not work for you due to your geographical location being too far away from the majority of the games servers.

How do i turn off the geo fence?

The geo fence is turned off automatically as soon as you close and exit the vpn software.

Troubleshooting the geo fence

The first thing to try when having an issue finding a game with the geo fence activated is to open the vpn and click on settings > geo fence.

Then click on the check box “reset firewall”, then apply the geo fence again and search for a new game and your issue should now be resolved. Windows firewall must always be ON for the geo fence to work. Sometimes your router may interfere with the operation of the geo fence, so you may wish to google “how to set up a dmz to my pc ip”. If you set up a dmz to your pc ip it is important to make sure that your windows firewall is always switched ON. Setting up a dmz will require access to your router, you can usually find the login details on the back of the router or by contacting your ISP. We recommend to use cloudflares DNS servers when using the geo fence by clicking on settings > geo fence > Use cloudflares DNS servers. If you attempt to search for a game and the location on the geo fence is over 9,500 km away from you, you will NOT find a game due to being too far away from the servers.

Do i have to use the geo fence or can i just use the vpn on it’s own?

We advise to use each software on their own, however feel free to experiment but if you get any issues just use the vpn and geo fence on their own.

You should always start battlenet or steam and or connect the vpn before applying the geo fence. Some things to consider are when using the geo fence you can NOT join other lobbies, you must be the host of the lobby.

Also when using the geo fence + vpn at the same time your nat type may show in game as “moderate” this is perfectly normal.

For the best results you may find games quicker while using the open vpn servers when using the vpn combined with the geo fence. It’s best to experiment and see what setup works for you best.

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To find the best VPN location it is important to have a big list of VPN servers to pick from.

The Sbmmoff VPN and Geo fence software allows you to pick from over 80 locations from around the world.

best call of duty vpn

Once you have the Sbmmoff VPN you will need to update the server list to make sure that you have the latest and up to date server list by clicking the ‘update servers’ button on the VPN software.

update call of duty vpn servers

At the time of writing this article the full list of servers are as follows:

Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Isle Of Man, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, KENYA, KENYA 2, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Macedonia, Mexicon, Moldova, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA-Texas and Vietnam.

A total of over 86 vpn locations to play on! (43 open servers & 43 strict servers) all LOW PING servers.

Now that you have enough servers to pick from we will go through a couple of strategies that users utilize in order to find that perfect bot lobby!

How to find call of duty bot lobbies?

The most popular strategy is to never stay on the same VPN location for too long if you feel the location isn’t producing results.

Switch VPN server location every 5-6 games until you find that perfect sweet spot you have been waiting for.

Some users report finding the best bot lobbies for warzone and other call of duty titles by connecting only to VPN locations where it’s off peak playing time in that specific country.

For example:

Connect to a country from the other side of the world from you and make sure the time in the country where the VPN server is located is betweem 12am and 11am.

You can view a list of all of the local times for each VPN location available on the Sbmmoff warzone VPN here.

You could also try using the built in geo fence software to make sure your games are located in another region entirely.

For example:

If you are located in europe or the west coast usa you could select east coast on the geo fence software and this would ensure 100% of your games are now played on the east coast usa servers only.

You can join the sbmmoff discord server server by clicking the help button on the VPN and clicking the ‘join discord’ button at the top of the help page.

Once you have joined the discord server you can discuss the best VPN locations and Geo fence locations with other community members.

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It’s very simple and easy to join the sbmmoff discord and start finding out where the best vpn and geo locations are located by talking to other members in the discord community.

To get started you will first obviously need to have a copy of the sbmmoff vpn and geo fence software and discord software installed, You can download discord here.

Discord works on mobile devices, tablets and for the pc.

Once you have discord installed, start up the sbmmoff software and once loaded, click on the help button at the top of the software.

You will then see a new window pop up and you will see the ‘join discord’ button at the top of the page.

sbmmoff discord

Click on the ‘join discord’ button and you will then be taken to the sbmmoff discord server with over 15,000 members.

sbmmoff users

There are different discord channels for the various call of duty games that we support.

You will be able to talk to other members in the community and swap ideas and recommendations for the best servers and locations to use with the sbmmoff software.

sbmmoff tips

Remember to read the discord rules and abide by them in order to remain a participant in the community.

Spammers and trolls will be banned from the community and no advertising is allowed.

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