Looking For A Warzone VPN For XBOX?


For most of Warzone’s life span it has not been possible to use a VPN on Xbox, Until now…

Enter Gamevpns.com Warzone XBOX VPN the Best XBOX Warzone VPN for bot bot lobbies.

warzone vpn xbox

It is now possible for XBOX users to to use a VPN whilst playing Warzone in order to get into easier lobbies and lower their ping just like PC users have been able to do since the start of Warzone.

How does Gamevpns.com VPN work?

For a start no downloads are needed and no software needs to be installed on your gaming console.

The VPN and server selection is all done on the web via a very intuitive user interface when logged in on the Gamevpns website.

Much like the popular Warzone PC VPN Sbmmoff, the Gamevpns Warzone Console VPN only routes the match making portion of your game traffic over their VPN tunnel.

This method differs from traditional VPN software which routes all of your traffic over the VPN tunnel which causes a high ping and potential packet loss / bursts.

Using the Gamevpns Console VPN you will get no high pings, and no packet loss / bursts.

The match making system assumes that given your geo location being from a far away destination that you would indeed have a high ping and as such attempts to put you into a lobby as quick as possible, this results in a more connection based game as opposed to a skill based lobby.

This results in better games and more kills just like PC users have been able to do for some time now..

How easy is it to set up the Gamevpns Console VPN?

It’s incredibly easy to get started you login on the Gamevpns website, select a server to connect to, copy the associated DNS IP address then input this info into your DNS settings on your console then start Warzone and you will be connected to your desired location with this info reflected in your geo location settings inside Warzone.

The Gamevpns website has a whole range of guides to help get you started and learn how to use the VPN for Warzone and is manned by a 24/7 support team via their ticketing system built into their website.

Currently they have the following locations available for use with plans to add many many more locations in the future:


So what are you waiting for?

Head over to the Gamevpns website and start using their Warzone XBOX VPN today for just $8.99 per month with the ability to cancel at anytime.

Get more kills and more wins, get Gamevpns today!

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