What makes SBMMOFF the Best Rebirth Island VPN?


With the latest rebirth island release date confirmed to be dropping on April the 3rd, Call Of Duty fans will be able to experience the fan favorite map “rebirth island”.

Don’t be fooled by the beloved map’s compact size – with its smaller map size comes the promise of rapid fire fun and intense movement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced visitor to Rebirth Island or a first time player, there’s plenty of new game play updates and challenges to be had for this Call of Duty: Warzone edition of Rebirth Island.

The sbmmoff vpn confuses the skill based match making system by making the game think you are from a far away destination.

This results in the game putting your into a more connection based game rather than purely skill based, this results in better lobbies and more variance in your lobbies.

You also have access to our built in Geo fence tool which will allow you to 100% play in the locations you select, giving you more control over your gaming session.

To get ready for this update we have updated most of our dedicated vpn servers with new ip addresses, this will ensure you have fresh servers to play on.

To make sure that you have the best experience please update your server list after the update is live and restart your PC.

If you are not already a customer then don’t forget to Grab your copy today for a one time payment of only $49.99

If you use code “BLOG” at checkout we will give you a $5 discount on your purchase to celebrate the return of Call of Duty: Warzone Rebirth Island

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