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  • Call Of Duty - Peekers Advantage

    For those of you cod players who don’t know, Peekers Advantage is something that has been around in multiplayer video games for a long time now. The term specifically refers to one person “peeking” another person in games like call of duty, where the “peeker” can see the other person for much longer than the person who’s sitting still.

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  • How To Install Call Of Duty VPN & Geo Fence From SBMMOFF

    It’s very simple to get started and takes about one minute to get set up and running when using the VPN and Geo Fence.

    If you need more in depth support you can join our huge discord community or email us for assistance and we will be more than happy to help get you setup.

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  • How To Setup Warzone GeoFence

    In this article we discuss how to setup and configure the sbmmoff warzone geo fence.

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  • Find the best VPN Locations for Warzone VPN Bot Lobbies

    This guide will show you how to find the best vpn server locations for getting into bot lobbies for call of duty games such as Warzone 1 and Warzone 2.

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  • How Do I Join The SBMMOFF Discord Server?

    Find out how to join the sbmmoff discord server and speak to other members of the community about the best settings and the best servers and locations to try with the sbmmoff vpn and geo fence software.

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  • What Are The Best DNS Settings For Warzone?

    Find out the best DNS settings to use for warzone and other call of duty games and how to switch your DNS servers to the fastest available.

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