COD Leaker Unearths New "Get High" Map That's Got Everyone Talking!


The new map appears to be a420-themed parkour map!

Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s last update appeared, dataminer’s seem to have unearthed details of a new map called Get High (filename G3T_H1GH) that’s likely going to be utilized for some kind of 4/20 themed event. This map is reported to be a vaporwave-inspired parkour style race course, where players will need to get as high as possible—in the elevation sense, naturally!.

Modern Warfare 3’s has multiple current references to 4/20, including two new Snoop Dogg operator skins, New Cheech and Chong joining the franchise complete with a weed-themed finishing move, and a cool new DLC bundle named the ‘Stoney Sloth’.

Gamers can expect to get access to a reworked map called Grow house, additionally leakers have shown us the more unusual ‘highly’ anticipated Get High map, which is reported to be released some time around this April 20th. The dataminer BobNetworkUK posted a recent video clip of the vaporwave-styled obstacle style course map, where it appears to show that players will have to race each other to reach the highest point possible within the given time limit. Some of the routes around the map have multiple obstructions, and there are also shootable targets scattered all around the map, though it’s currently unclear what other secrets this map may hold.

This new parkour-style map looks challenging and fun, with the leaker sadly only making it two thirds of the way through the map before his time runs out. Bob the leaker later posted another video on Twitter showing the end zone of the map, with the final checkpoint triggering a note that seems to show “you’ve gotten high.”

The new Get High map hasn’t been officially released as of yet, however it will likely release sometime before 4/20. For more on what’s new in the latest Season 3 update, you can view the full patch notes for the latest update.

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